Becoming Industrial Gases

  Industrial Gases Ltd. was formed in 1998 to fulfill the urgent need of technical gases on the market. The end of 90’s wasn’t the best time to start business in Russia. The crisis of August 1998 destroyed the majority of private businesses and slowed down the operation of the government-owned manufactories in many industries.

  But at any time there are people that aren’t scared to take responsibilities and believe in hard work and not in crisis. Among those people who tried to move on from the fear of default were the founders of Industrial Gases: Michael Kondratenkov and Vladimir Krichevsky.

Company that started with team of 4 people became one of the biggest enterprises that produces, sells and delivers technical gases in Russia as well as sells welding equipment and develops cryogenic technologies. Industrial Gases Ltd. today is 6 branches in Russia and partners from all over the world.

  Although the way to become the leader of industrial gas market wasn’t fast and easy. We started out as a reseller of such gases as oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon. At that time it was hard to buy any industrial gas in Udmurt Republic where the company was founded. Gas manufactures that weren’t bankrupted sold gases only to government-owned companies and hospitals. It wasn’t possible to buy gases on free market. We started to buy technical gases anywhere we can buy and deliver it to local market of Udmurt Republic. It helped other business that needed gases survived those harsh days.

  Experience of working with technical gases gave us essential knowledge of how to work in this industry. Also, we gained the respect of our customers and increased our presence on the market.

Soon enough it became obvious that we need to have our branches in other cities of Udmurt Republic where industrial gases were in high demand. That was a moment to realize we are ready to manufacture gases on our own. The production was established in Izhevsk which is the capital of Udmurt Republic.

  Listening to our customer’s needs helped us to understand that it’s not enough to just sell full-range of technical gases – we have to provide the full service to our clients as well. That’s how we created our transport company for providing safe delivery of any gas to client. Also, we started to provide to our customers services of repair, validation and rent of gas cylinders.

  Little later company named “Everything for Welding” became a part of Industrial Gases Ltd. Our customers that bought gases for welding got even a better service.

  Combining an experienced understanding of the market’s needs and our dedicated engineering team helped Industrial Gases develop new direction “Cryogenic Technologies” in 2008. “Cryogenic Technologies” is one of the most potential and fast-advancing directions where are always a place to new look at cryo-processes. Industrial Gases chooses the way of innovation developing  directions of Deep Cryogenic Treatment and Dry Ice Blasting.

  Regardless of so many business directions under the brand “Industrial Gases” we are able to provide the best quality of our products and services. We implement the Quality Management System into all levels of business processing in our company. Every year we approve compliance of our QMS with requirements to ISO 9001:2008.

  We always put customer first. And that is what we stand for. With our roots firmly planted in Izhevsk, Russia, a beautiful city nearby Ural Mountings where thinking deeply and fair as well as providing friendly service are still appreciated, Industrial Gases Ltd. has grown into a market leader with partners from all over the world.

Business Structure